PINK Token


Staking PINK tokens will also allow you to participate in DAO governance protocols. When future changes are proposed for the platform, you’ll be able to vote and help steer protocols in a direction you think is best for the project.


Our native PINK token is more than just a regular governance token.

PINK incentivizes liquidity provision and helps increase returns when using our platform. It can be staked to earn WBNB and is used as an APR multiplier when claiming profits.

We are focused on the growth of the PINK token and the project as a whole. To this end, we will start with the following fee structure:

  • 30% performance fee (the PINK distribution) - This means 30% of profits will be converted and issued as PINK tokens upon user withdrawal. The original BNB profits are used to reward individuals that staked their PINK tokens in the PINK staking farm.

  • 0.5% withdrawal fee if the withdrawal happens within 72 hours of deposit.

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